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update: 2013-11-20
Commercial & Multiple Lineset Ducting System
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  • Beautiful Finish
    • Sophisticated
      The high quality finish of the SLIMDUCT RD series blends in well with commercial buildings. The exterior of any building will be enhanced by the sleek appearance of the finished installation. rd image1
  • Excellent Performance
    • Compact
      Because of it's compact design, SLIMDUCT RD requires less space than a conventional racking system.
      rd image2a rd image2b
      RackingSLIMDUCT RD
    • Easy Installation
      No special tools are required to assemble and connect SLIMDUCT RD series.
    • Multiple Applications
      Use of the many fittings available such as risers, vertical mountings and underslab mountings enables SLIMDUCT RD to be easily customized on site during the installation process.*1 rd image3 *1.Excludes some sizes
  • Long Lasting Rugged Protection
    • Load Capacity
      SLIMDUCT RD, WALKWAY TYPE(RDWK) has the top surface coated with a roughened anti slip surface. This permits maintenance personnel to walk on the ducts without damaging them or the linesets during routine maintenance of any mechanical equipment on the rooftop. rd image4
    • Durability & Weather Resistance
      SLIMDUCT RD series is fabricated from "ZAM" which offers superior resistance over stainless steel even in highly corrosive atmospheres such as sea air.
    • Scratch / Abrasion Resistance
      The coating layer contains a higher proportion of Magnesium and is more rigid than that of a standard galvanized or Galvalum sheet. It offers superior scratch/abrasion resistance as well as advanced corrosion resistance to ensure that any scratches will be covered by a zinc protective film in a few months.

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PartsFile Name and LinkSizeDate
Catalog rd_catalog_20110422.pdf 2163KB 2011-04-22
Catalog RD_renewal_6p_20130117_low.pdf 4457KB 2013-04-22
Manual RD_Design_Installation_Guide_201211_LD.pdf 1339KB 2012-11-22

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