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update: 1970-01-01
  • Data is DXF format.
  • Archive file is produced in LHA.
  • Read License Agreement before use.
    You may use the data on this website and catalog only in accordance with the terms set forth in this agreement.


Read the following condition before use of the data on this website and catalog. When you do not agree this condition, do not use the data. In your using data, we assume you consented to this licensing condition.
  1. Use the data on this website and catalog exclusively with the design study for INABA DENKO products.
  2. The data on this website and catalog is not guaranteed the specification of INABA DENKO products.
  3. Values shown in the drawing and list on this website and catalog are for reference purposes only, and all figures shown are not guaranteed.
  4. Data in the website and catalog is subject to change for product improvement without notice.
  5. Any falsification, reprinting, or distribution is strictly prohibited without permission from the website administrator (Webmaster) or catalog administrator.
  6. Measure of anti-virus for the computer is at customers' risk.
  7. Take full responsibility for your actions to use this website and catalog.
  8. Inaba Denki Sangyo or our distributor shall not be liable for any loss or damage either special or consequential arising out of any use, function, or service of the data on this website and catalog.
  9. This site is mainly purposed to offer the product information.
    A certain page may be shown the discontinued product and old specification, and leave the old description with strike-through or taking off link. This is to be considered the convenience of customers using the former products (e.x. reprocessing the instruction manual and checking the specification, etc.) and easily be compared the difference between old and new.
    The old and new edition is distinguished by date. Inaba Denki Sangyo shall not be liable for any trouble arising out of the failure of the data use. Check the description for the current product before use.

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