The TK Series Eliminates buckling of the elbow fitting at the bottom of the Lineset

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Reduces gravity loading on vertical riser
Unlike a conventionally supported vertical riser installation, PIPELOCK is brazed to the vertical copper riser and reduces the loading created by the weight of the pipe system.


Do not use on vertical risers over 50 meters and ensure that the PIPELOCK ferrule is brazed on during installation. (To use on vertical risers over 50 meters, contact INABA.)
Reduces extra stress on vertical riser due to thermal expansion by 50%
In conventional installations, the lowest elbow of the pipe system carries the full load of the pipe itself plus the extra stresses imposed by thermal expansion. Installing PIPELOCK in the center of the vertical riser reduces the load created by the system components as well as the thermal expansion by 50%.
Can be applied after installation of pipe system
Because the pipe support ferrule is split, PIPELOCK can easily be fitted onto the riser and adjusted after the pipe system has been installed.
Temporary fixing
Tab on pipe support allows temporary fixing to facilitate brazing without slippage.
Easily adjustable
Slotted holes on bracket allows precise adjustments.


  • ・Exclusive use for air conditioner pipe. Do not use for refrigerant pipe.
  • ・Please make sure to install PIPELOCK with our exclusive bracket (TK-U, TK-K, TK-B). Do not use another bracket, due to a lack of strength.
  • ・If there is a possibility of damage on the elbow at rise and fall outlet of vertical installation, take into account thermal expansion and contraction of copper pipe and install flexible expansion pipe (expansion loop, expansion offset, etc.).

Conventional Installation(image photo) Typical Installation with PIPELOCK(image photo)

Product list

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