Insulated Copper Tube ⁄ Pipe NH/PC/NC/SPH

A complete line of insulated copper tube and pipe sheathed in high grade flame retardant insulation for thermal resistance up to 120°C and suitable for any type of residential or commercial Air Conditioners.

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Relevant Safety Standards

Superior Quality Control
INABA DENKO insulated copper tube and pipe conforms to most current safety and performance standards for copper pipe and insulation.
Flame Retardant Insulation
Our insulation is equivalent to European Standard (EN13501-1) and, German Standard (DIN4102-1, B1 class) and UL-94 HF-1.
Copper Tube
Japanese Standard (JIS H3300 C1220T)
American Standard (ASTM B280 UNS No.C12200)
※Chemical composition and temper
European Standard (EN13501-1)
German Standard (DIN 4102-1,B1 class)
UL-94 HF-1

Ignite the insulation for 5 seconds after heating the copper tube for 30 seconds by burner, and then leave.

Vertical flame test(internal test)

High-Quality Materials

Excellent Thermal Resistance
All insulated tube and pipe products are fabricated with high grade insulation with a thermal resistance up to 120°C.
Wear Resistant Outer Covering
Tough embossed outer covering is easy to tape and prevents damage during installation.
In addition, PE foam has good pressure resistance and it's not easy to be teared, especially at the hanging point.
Wear Resistant Outer Covering
Applicable to New Refrigerant “R32”!!
※Some of limited size are non-applicable.

Upgrade Working Efficiency

Improved Installation Efficiency
Easy to bend and cut, Paircoil (PC) can easily be separated by hand. No tools or cutting are necessary.
Length Markings
For 20m & 30m Coil, consecutively numbered length marking are clearly printed at 1 meter intervals on insulation surface to indicate remaining length.
Length Markings

Concealed Installation
For concealed pipe installations, thicker insulation types (20mm/25mm) are available to further reduce sweating.
Copper Specifications
The copper tube is oxidation seamless copper tube, and is satisfied with JIS H3300 C1220T.
Chemical composition of copper tube is shown in the below table.
Chemical Composition
Cu (%) P (%)
99.90 or more 0.015~0.040
※Complied with ASTM B280 UNS No.C12200
Insulation Specifications
Chemical cross-linked foamed polyethylene enclosed by a plastic film with an embossed surface.
Item Value
Thermal Conductivity (Ave. 23°C) 0.037 W/m・K
Tensile Strength 48.2 N/cm²
Water Absorption Volume 0.06 g/100cm²
Thickness Shrinkage Ratio (Ave. 120°C) 2.0 %
Moisture Permeability (per 25mm thickness) 20 ng/m²・s・Pa or less
Temperature Range -40°C~120°C
Flame Retardant(Equivalent to) EN-13501-1
DIN 4102-1, B1 class
UL-94 HF-1
※This data is test outcome, not guaranteed value.

Product list