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update : 2002-12-10

We have been proposing and practicing an Innovation for Creation of New Value,taking every single year as our first year of establishment since our businessoperation.
Highly developed information oriented society represented by Internet is changing our era drastically.
Needs and Sense of Value in the world are infinitely transfiguring and we need to Correspond to it beyond space-time always by making new creation.
We are celebrating 60 years Anniversary and we will try to achieve C.S.(Customer's Satisfaction)to be more fruitful by accelerating the speed of all the system under the management policy of I.M.S., which stands for Innovation, Media & Strategy.
We will put a step together with you on "making our life environment comfortable by paying a serious consideration to World Environment including energy saving and material saving", which is our invariable subject.
We like to have more support and cooperation from you.

Outline of Company
Registered Company Name Inaba Denki Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
Address of Head Office 4-11-14,Itachibori,Nishi-ku,Osaka,
Japan Zip Code 550-0012
Address of Inaba Denko Products Division Office (Overseas) 4F,4-11-14,Itachibori,Nishi-ku,Osaka,
Japan Zip Code 550-0012
Year of Bussiness Operation April 1938
Year of Establishment May 1949
Purpose of Operation Development,Manufacturing & Sales of Electrical & Industrial Equipment
Air Conditioning & Environment Equipment
Automatic Control Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Communication & Information Equipment
Bussiness Items Accessories of Air Conditioning System
Manufacturing and Sales of Electrical Wiring Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Information Equipment
Capital 8,120Million Japanese Yen(As of 31 Mar.2002)
Numbers of Staffs 1,101(As of 1 Apr.2002)
Constructor's License Construction:Approved by Minister of Construction under(Special-6)No.14642
Electrical works,Pipings,Machinery & Equipment installation
Telecommunication:Approved by Minister of Construction(Standard-6)No.14642
International Quality Recognization Manufacturing division of Inaba Denko Products.
Approval Number : 99-KOB-AQ-00037
Standard : BS EN ISO 9001 : 1994 = ISO 9001 : 1994 = JIS Z9901 : 1994
Approval Covered : design and manufacturing of Accessories of Air Conditioner.
Affiliated Firms Inaba Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Nihon Autome Co.,Ltd.
Inaba Computer System Co.,Ltd.
ITF Co.,Ltd.
Inaba Business Service Co.,Ltd.
Toko Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. [^]
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